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What Our Customers Say ?

  • "I loved it. I will say it again that I loved it. A taste of home comes in handy now and then. BBQ Tonight actually mastered the taste of true Pakistani and Indian food and I am grateful for that. P.s. my cravings for grilled kebabs is grateful too. . "
  • "This place is totally authentic. Went there last week with friends, it reminded me of the food back home. Didn’t realized how much I had missed Pakistani food until I took a swig of lassi at BBQ Tonight. Definitely the go-to place to have a feel of home when you are thousands of miles away from it. "
  • "I am happy to see BBQ Tonight doing so well under new management. food was delicious, atmosphere is great and staff is well trained and you don't have to wait 45 minutes for food. I will keep coming back as far you continue that Super Delicious Chicken and Mutton Karhais."

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